Sours are one of the oldest categories of cocktails.  Jerry Thomas wrote about them in 1862.  They are basically a spirit with juice and a sweetener.  Using that simple definition, the sour family includes everything from whiskey sours, amaretto sours, daiquiris, margaritas and many Tiki drinks.  Gary Regan, in his book The Joy of Mixology, (a book I recommend and is available here), divides sours into several different groups.  For simplicity’s sake, I’ll leave out the details.

These are all shaken drinks.  Some you can add egg white to create a nice foam and silky texture.  These are also easy to change and adapt to your individual taste.

Paradise Remembered

Paradise Remembered 1

It is Mixology Monday!  The theme, “Drink of Shame,”  is the invention of our host Tipicular Fixins.  We have all quaffed a few sweet, strange libations and I have imbibed my share of questionable drinks. This Month’s challenge, (now that we are real mixologists), is to create a cocktail  that…

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Belle Meade Bourbon


We had a magnificent time at the Cured – Belle Meade Bourbon Paired Dinner this past week in San Antonio.   A meal at Cured Charcuterie is always a treat and this 5 course pairing was no exception. Visiting with Andy Nelson of Green Briar Distillery and hearing about the resurrection…

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