Blushing Redhead

Strawberry Apple CiderWe like to incorporate our syrups and juices when turning cocktail creations into “Zero Proof” drinks .  Adults feel less conspicuous lowering their ABV and this makes the kids feel grownup. It also makes mixing drinks a little easier.

This time we were featuring strawberry daiquiris and margaritas.  Since I had gone all Dave Arnold on the juices, we made an acidified strawberry juice and a 1:1 strawberry simple.  I clarified the strawberry juice but you can filter it through a metal coffee filter or a chinoise.  Your juice will be cloudy but it will taste just as good.  You can also substitute cherry juice.  The key is acidifying part of the juice and making a balanced 1:1 simple with the rest.  You can read about this here or open the spread sheet Pineapple Simple Sour to calculate everything for you.

This drink is based on a French 75 substituting sparkling apple cider for the champagne.  The strawberry is forward with the apple playing along.  If it’s a bit too sweet, add a couple of drops of orange bitters.

Blushing Redhead


  •  3/4 oz. 1:1 Strawberry simple
  • 1/2 oz. Acidified Strawberry juice.
  • Sparkling Apple Cider


  1. Add the juice and syrup to a champagne flute
  2. Fill with the Sparking Apple Cider