Actually Bitter Orange Bitters

Doc Elliott’s Mixology™ Actually Bitter Orange Bitters are the ideal balancing act!  The intense flavors of citrus and orange, and a wonderfully long bitter finish provide the flawless addition to your cocktails.  Just a few drops elevate your most amazing cocktails to consummate symmetry with that superb hint of citrus.

Coffee Pecan Bitters

Doc Elliott’s Mixology™ Coffee Pecan Bitters are the perfect enhancement to your favorite bourbon, rye, rum, whiskey, tequila, or Irish Whiskey cocktail.  It is particularly good with Old Fashioned and Manhattan style drinks.

The flavor profile of Doc Elliott’s Mixology™ Coffee Pecan Bitters is bitterness and spiced coffee on the front, quickly followed by pecan, with notes of dark chocolate as the bitterness rapidly fades.  The finish is coffee, pecan, and chocolate.

Olive Bitters

Love Martinis?  Whether you prefer Gin or Vodka, Doc Elliott’s Mixology™ Olive Bitters will take your martini to the next level.  With an intense olive flavor and just a touch of brine, you can add the perfect umami without going full on dirty.  But, if you prefer your Martini dirty or down right filthy, a dash of Doc Elliott’s Mixology™ Olive Bitters will take it to a new dimension!

Walnut Bitters

Doc Elliott’s Mixology™ Walnut Bitters are the perfect addition to any cocktail that features a dark spirit such as bourbon, rye, rum, tequila and Irish Whiskey.  The walnut mingles well and highlights the flavors of these spirits.  Your Old Fashioneds and Manhattans will shine.