I am neither a bartender nor a chef by vocation.  Nor have I received any formal training.  I am a practicing Anesthesiologist who enjoys good food and craft cocktails.  This site is meant to share techniques, recipes and insights with those who enjoy creating great food and drink for friends and family.

I decided long ago that if  was going to eat my own food, I should learn to cook. Through the years, I have taught myself, through trial and error, how to prepare a wide range of gourmet meals.  I have also worked at being innovative.  I read cookbooks more for concepts than actual recipes.  I apply the same to craft cocktails.  Through more experimentation, books, web sites and lots of wasted spirits down the drain, I have developed my own signature cocktails.  So if I can share what I’ve learned about preparing and creating new craft cocktails, maybe I can save you some of that wasted liquor!

A few posts on this site are very basic while others are more advanced.  None of this is difficult.

So enjoy and please leave comments.  I like to learn too!   Cheers!

Gary Elliott – Organic, Free Ranging Cocktail Crafter



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