Rocky Mule


Rocky MuleI have created several cocktails with Dorçol’s Kinsman Rakia Apricot Brandy*.  It makes for an interesting twist on anything made with gin or vodka, (or tequila or bourbon for that mater).  For this Mule, I tried 3 different apricot brandies whose brands will go unmentioned.  They were either too sweet, too bitter or both.  Which is what I like about Kinsmen Rakia: it is bone dry, not bitter and has just the right fruitiness.  The Rocky Mule’s flavor is ginger, lime, fruit and just a touch of burn.  You can leave off the jalapeño if you wish.

  • 2 ozs. Kinsman Rakia
  • 2 ozs. Fresh lime juice
  • 1 oz. 2:1 honey syrup (2 parts water: 1 part honey)
  • 1 slice fresh jalapeño
  • 6 oz. Gosling’s Ginger Beer
  1. Muddle the jalapeño with the lime juice in the bottom of a shaker tin
  2. Add the Rakia and honey syrup and shake to chill
  3. Double strain into Moscow Mule mug or Collins glass over fresh ice
  4. Add the Ginger Beer


* Doc Elliott’s Mixology receives no compensation for brands mentioned.


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