Make some Cocktails!


There are several popular cocktails that are simple to make and require only a few ingredients.  Check out these:

  • The Old Fashioned

    The first cocktail.  It is a base liquor, usually rye or bourbon, plus bitters and a sweetener.  That’s it.  No red candy cherries and no muddling orange peels.  So check out these examples to get started


  • The Martini

    Either gin or vodka.  Add a fortified wine, typically vermouth, and stir.  Sorry James.  This cocktail is easy to make and to customize.  Look here for examples


  • The Manhattan

    A popular classic cocktail that has remained virtually the same for decades.  Check out the classic and some variations here.


  • The Margarita

    The famous drink from Mexico.  Use good tequila and fresh lime.  Here are a few easy recipes.


  • Sours

    This is a wide ranging group of drinks.  From a whiskey sour to Tiki drinks, they’re booze and juice.  Look here and start shaking.

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