Old Fashioned


I like to make these as essentially a built drink.  I stir it in a mixing glass without ice to combine the ingredients prior to pouring it over a large ice cube in an un-chilled single old fashioned.  Similar to scotch on the rocks.  Alternatively, I’ll make the drink in its serving glass and gently add a large ice cube after stirring.  Initially the flavors will be strong with very little dilution.  As you sip the cocktail and gently swirl it, the drink will chill and dilute as the flavors mellow.

Walnut Old Fashioned

A glass of mulled wine with a walnut on top.

  Whether it’s a cold, snowy Winter’s evening, or a warm Spring afternoon, a well-crafted Old Fashioned is an excellent libation.  Our Walnut Old Fashioned features the spice of a good Rye Whiskey and the warming notes of Doc Elliott’s MixologyTM Walnut Bitters.  We use agave syrup since its early…

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Hometown Hooch MxMo XCVII

Rebecca Creek Alamo

It’s time again for the world’s best online cocktail party.  The theme for this month’s Mixology Monday is “Hometown Hooch,”  as set forth by Stuart Putney at Putney Farms. You can read more at the announcement post here, but the idea is to use locally distilled spirits in a cocktail. …

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